Note: Extras are optional and tend to be shorter than regular chapter.

Book 001

Chapter 001–Evaleen Spencer
Chapter 002–Zoe Baxter
Chapter 003–Devon Foster | Arachne
Chapter 004–Elysium Sister
Chapter 005–The Hospital
Chapter 006–Goodbyes
Chapter 007–The Airplane
Chapter 008–The Rickenbacker
Chapter 009–The Seminar
Chapter 010–The Prison
Chapter 011–Juliana Explores | Devon Arrives
Chapter 012–Shalise Ward
Chapter 013–The Meeting
Chapter 014–Brakket Magical Academy
>>Extra 001–Theory: Rituals
Chapter 015–The Book
Chapter 016–The Crypt
Chapter 017–The Invitation
Chapter 018–Halloween Club
Chapter 019–Halloween Streets
Chapter 020–Aftermath
Chapter 021–Genoa Rivas
Chapter 022–Juliana in the Dorm
Chapter 023–Clairaudience
Chapter 024–The Frying Pan
>>Extra 002–Alchemy: Potions
Chapter 025–The Void
Chapter 026–Ylva | Out of the Fire
Chapter 027–Dismantling Operations
Chapter 028–Epilogue

Author’s Note 001

Book 002

Chapter 001–Christmas
Chapter 002–The Bull
Chapter 003–Combat Class
Chapter 004–Extra Lessons
Chapter 005–Botany | The Bar
Chapter 006–Treatment
>>Extra 003–Theory: Simulacra
Chapter 007–Nel’s Bad Day
Chapter 008–Lynn’s Conclusion
Chapter 009–Investigations
Chapter 010–Meeting
Chapter 011–Irene’s Lunch
Chapter 012–Nel in hiding
Chapter 013–Courtyard Meeting
Chapter 014–Confrontation
>>Extra 004–Ylva’s Domain: Exploration
Chapter 015–The Gift
Chapter 016–Runic Experimentation
Chapter 017–Sister Hubbard’s Fatal Mistake
Chapter 018–Zoe Experiments
Chapter 019–Riot at the Warehouse
Chapter 020–Bullfight
Chapter 021–Epilogue

Author’s Note 002

Book 003

Chapter 001–Shiny Boots
Chapter 002–Summer
Chapter 003–The Imp
Chapter 004–Preschool Chores
>>Extra 005–Theory: Order, Chaos, Blink
Chapter 005–School Woes
Chapter 006–Pointed Revelations
Chapter 007–Speeches
Chapter 008–Discussions
Chapter 009–Illusions
Chapter 010–Granted Eyes
Chapter 011–Aftermath
Chapter 012–Bullies
>>Extra 006–Elysium: Augurs and Demons
Chapter 013–Marionette
Chapter 014–Motivations
Chapter 015–Women’s Ward
Chapter 016–Settling In
Chapter 017–Uneasy Days
Chapter 018–Security
Chapter 019–Stress
Chapter 020–Relaxation
>>Extra 007–Excerpt: Planes
Chapter 021–Transference
Chapter 022–Tag-team
Chapter 023–Prison Prep
Chapter 024–Zoe Worries
Chapter 025–Nel
Chapter 026–Revelations
Chapter 027–Epilogue

Author’s Note 003

Book 004

Chapter 001–Waking Up
Chapter 002–Melancholy
Chapter 003–Encounters
Chapter 004–Prax
Chapter 005–Click
Chapter 006–Free At Last
Chapter 007–Crystal
Chapter 008–Rats
Chapter 009–Changes
Chapter 010–Escape
Chapter 011–Breaking and Entering
Chapter 012–Loyalty
Chapter 013–Rescued
Chapter 014–Domains
Chapter 015–Cured
Chapter 016–Back Into the Fire
Chapter 017–Musings on Students
Chapter 018–Reunion
Chapter 019–Stuck Together
Chapter 020–War Games
Chapter 021–Skirmish
Chapter 022–Recovery
Chapter 023–Partners
Chapter 024–Splatter
Chapter 025–Willie
Chapter 026–Special
Chapter 027–Return
Chapter 028–Epilogue

Author’s Note 004

Book 005 – Wayne–Lansing

Chapter 001–Arrival
Chapter 002–Ambush
Chapter 003–Companions
Chapter 004–Blood
Chapter 005–Evacuation

Author’s Note 005

Book 006

Chapter 001–School Business
Chapter 002–Status Reports
Chapter 003–Underground Academy
Chapter 004–Forest Spar
Chapter 005–Cross
Chapter 006–Diablery
Chapter 007–Gone Wrong
Chapter 008–Iced
Chapter 009–Containment
Chapter 010–Enigma
Chapter 011–Patched Up
Chapter 012–A Day with Irene
Chapter 013–A Read Letter Day
Chapter 014–Distant Visions
Chapter 015–Trouble in Prison Town
Chapter 016–Discussions and Waiting
Chapter 017–Examinations
Chapter 018–Disturbance in the Women’s Ward
Chapter 019–Complications
Chapter 020–Domain Maintenance
Chapter 021–Leakage
Chapter 022–Pursuit
Chapter 023–A Plan to Escape
Chapter 024–Course of Action
Chapter 025–Supply Run
Chapter 026–Ready for Theft
Chapter 027–Into the Cathedral
Chapter 028–To the Obelisk
Chapter 029–Cathedral Exit
Chapter 030–Cool Down
Chapter 031–Split
Chapter 032–Epilogue

Author’s Note 006

Book 007

Chapter 001–Vacation
Chapter 002–Clean Up
Chapter 003–Development in Treatment
Chapter 004–Neighbors
Chapter 005–Of Demons and Demonhood
Chapter 006–Revised Treatment
Chapter 007–Other Treatments?
Chapter 008–Failure
Chapter 009–Road Trip
Chapter 010–A Day In A Necomancer’s Life
Chapter 011–A Vampire, A Demon, And A Nun Walk Into A Bar…
Chapter 012–Surgical Happenings
Chapter 013–Mummies
Chapter 014–Assault
Chapter 015–And Battery
Chapter 016–Frustration
Chapter 017–Downtime Exploration
Chapter 018–Teleport Home
Chapter 019–Pulled Apart
Chapter 020–Comforted
Chapter 021–Rain on a Parade
Chapter 022–Landlord’s Bad Day
Chapter 023–Security System
Chapter 024–Near-Death Experience
Chapter 025–Shocking
Chapter 026–Rage
Chapter 027–It’s Time
Chapter 028–Banishment
Chapter 029–Epilogue

Author’s Note 007

Book 008

Chapter 001–Broad Daylight
Chapter 002–Meeting Adjourned
Chapter 003–Out Camping
Chapter 004–The Powers that Be
Chapter 005–Surgery
Chapter 006–Power Overwhelming
Chapter 007–Uncomfortable Attentions
Chapter 008–New Arrivals
Chapter 009–Vektul
Chapter 010–Saija and Srey
Chapter 011–Spies
Chapter 012–Paranoia
Chapter 013–Preparation
Chapter 014–A Crack in the Sky
Chapter 015–Conversations
Chapter 016–Wrong
Chapter 017–Skyfall
Chapter 018–Indecision
Chapter 019–White Noise
Chapter 020–Course of Action
Chapter 021–Assistance Rendered
Chapter 022–Trapped and Trapped Again
Chapter 023–Encased
Chapter 024–Trousers
Chapter 025–A Sixth Sense
Chapter 026–Disaster
Chapter 027–Epilogue

Author’s Note 008

Book 009

Chapter 001–Press-ganged
Chapter 002–Preparations
Chapter 003–Guests
Chapter 004–Shadows
Chapter 005–Stalkers
Chapter 006–Substitutiary Locomotion
Chapter 007–Commentary
Chapter 008–Drawing Straws
Chapter 009–Tentacles!
Chapter 010–Pyramid
Chapter 011–Interrior
Chapter 012–Results
Chapter 013–One for the Angles
Chapter 014–Detours Visiting The Dead
Chapter 015–New Recruits
Chapter 016–Hard Work Pays Off
Chapter 017–Bait and Switch
Chapter 018–Captured. Again.
Chapter 019–Help From Below
Chapter 020–Only Way Out
Chapter 021–Back Among Friends
Chapter 022–Crystal Courier
Chapter 023–Epilogue

Author’s Notes 009

Book 010

Chapter 001–Inspections
Chapter 002–Convincing
Chapter 003–Splat
Chapter 004–Catch It
Chapter 005–Omnivore
Chapter 006–Snow Globe
Chapter 007–Unruly Guests
Chapter 008–Maternal Matters
Chapter 009–Left Behind
Chapter 010–Finishing Touches
Chapter 011–Reformation
Chapter 012–Slight Delay
Chapter 013–A Final Defense
Chapter 014–Ultimatum
Chapter 015–Initialization
Chapter 016–Transformation
Chapter 017–Emergence
Chapter 018–Double Trouble
Chapter 019–Nothing Ever Goes Right
Chapter 020–Reset
Chapter 021–Corruption
Chapter 022–Huh
Chapter 023–Down Once More
Chapter 024–Back in Record Time
Chapter 025Kneel
Chapter 026–There Can Be Only One
Chapter 027–Pest Removal
Chapter 028–Flames
Chapter 029–Obelisk
Chapter 030–No Rest for the Demons
Chapter 031–Heart of Stone
Chapter 032–Press Conference
Chapter 033–Elysium Reordered
Chapter 034–Deserted
Chapter 035–Snapped Back to Reality
Chapter 036–Beacon
Chapter 037–Epilogue

Author’s Notes 010


Eclipse Thoughts

13 responses to “Index

  • Seba

    I didn’t see a contact form so I’m using the comment section, I hope that is okay. Feel free to delete or edit my comment otherwise.

    So. My way from and to work includes some time in trains. Time I mainly bridge by reading, which led to me getting an eReader. I wrote a script to download and convert your books into EPUBs for my reading pleasure. Feel free to link them here or use them however you want (or just ignore them):

    [Link redacted]

    Some minor changes I made: I added a simple cover, removed the “All of the following is completely optional to read. […]” part of the Author’s Notes, and added a link to this blog at the end.

    If you’d like I can also make some other changes, for example add more reader formats (MOBI? Should be fairly easy.), add some kind of credits page, or change the cover (should be in grayscale though).

    Void Domain is a great story with loveable/strong/memorable characters. I just finished book 3 and once again it was hard to stop reading. Thanks!

    • TowerCurator

      I’ve removed your link while I think about it further. I don’t have any problem with personal epubs or anything, and I don’t really plan on seeking out publishing. I know that they get a little irritated about things like that. I have saved the link and might replace it later if I change my mind. For the time being, I’d like most people to have to visit the site. I think.

      Glad you’re enjoying the story though!

  • Letouriste

    [removed at comment author’s request]

    • Letouriste

      Err can you delete this comment? I don’t feel that fitting anymore^^
      I like your story,there are a few holes but that’s fine:the good points overshadow that greatly.
      I found myself waiting your release with impatience;)

  • iana


    I just want to thank you for your story, it is great and i love it)

    I have started reading it when book 3 were still ongoing, and since that time I cant wait for each and every new chapter)

    So, again, thank you)

    PS: If I may add a PR-suggestion(not in a proofreading meaning), take a look at and, as a places to publisize or just promote your novel.
    There is a pretty big community on both of this places and because of quality of your work(it is good) I believe a lot of people will start reading and enjoing it.

    As an example how it works take a look at this novels:
    1) Mother of learning (, is using reddit as a way to equire bigger readers-base, proof -> (

    2) Iron teeth (, for the same purpose is using royalroad, but post 1 less chapter there, in order to guarantee that readers are still going to author-sama*s place, proof->(

    I believe that your story will quickly get in top on both this places)

  • Cicero

    the chapter 24 link is dead

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