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Vacant Throne Update 2!

Hello everyone!

I have a new serial ongoing. Vacant Throne! I mentioned it in the previous update here which you may or may not have read. But I thought you all would like to know that it is going to continue as a full serial. There are currently fourteenish chapters up and more being released on the same schedule that Void Domain was being released at, every Monday and Thursday. You can read it at

Vacant Throne is a fantasy work centered around a woman named Alyssa Meadows of modern day Earth. After coming home from work and a trip to the gym, she winds up in a home burglary gone wrong. If that wasn’t bad enough, an angel appears before her and whisks her off to a strange world filled with magic and monsters.

The fourteen chapters up should give you a nice chunk to sink your teeth into and hopefully get you looking forward to more. I hope you all enjoy!

Vacant Throne Update

Hello again!

Dead Language has finished its run of seven chapters, the first (and only at this time) arc. It’s a military fiction I announced some time ago now.

But that’s not what I’m here to tell you about today!

Vacant Throne is a new project that should be live right now over on the Preview Site. It follows Alyssa Meadows as she returns home from a night at the gym to find her home being robbed. If that wasn’t bad enough, things take a turn for the strange when an angel appears before her and whisks her off to a strange world filled with magic and monsters. There will be two chapters a week following the Monday and Thursday update schedule that Void Domain had.

This has the highest likelihood of any of my projects to become a new web serial. After about fourteen chapters, I think I will give it is own site, similar to this one, and continue publishing chapters there. Why wait? Well, first I want to make sure nothing changes and that I truly want to do this. Secondly, the initial chapters are rather short and I’d like there to be some meat for first time readers to sink their teeth into. Since anyone reading this likely read through Void Domain, I figured I would post and offer the chance to read from the very beginning. I will make another post if and when a proper site goes live for it, so if you want to wait until then, no harm done.

Anyway, if you are a Patreon, the first 14 chapters are available as an epub. Have fun reading!

Dead Language Update

Hi everybody! It’s been a while. This is just a quick note for if you haven’t subscribed to my non Void Domain preview and update site: I am releasing seven chapters (a complete story arc) of a work titled Dead Language. There will be one chapter released a week on Thursday for seven weeks. If you’re a Patreon, there is both an epub and a pdf of the entire seven chapters up right now.

Will there be more after those seven chapters? Don’t know yet. We’ll see how it goes.

Dead Language is a “””realistic””” military fiction set in the (mostly) real world. It deals with a mercenary group traveling around, doing jobs and maybe getting into some wider intrigue and/or conspiracies. I will make a note that this is somewhat stylized, hence the quotation marks around ‘realistic’. People in the story might be better at their jobs or more eccentric than anyone in real life has any right to be.

Anyway, do give it a shot. And I post updates every month over on my other site on other projects I’m currently working on, so if you’re interested, there should be RSS buttons or updates via Twitter or what have you.