Author’s Note 009

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Hello, thanks for reading.

Book ten will continue as scheduled. No intermissions or interludes. Tune in next time for 010.001. Double digits! Yay!

As with last time, I’d just like to say thanks before anything else. So thanks to all my supporters on Patreon and PayPal. I really do appreciate your support. And thanks to everybody else for reading my story!

To start things off, I’d like to mention just a small clarification about Zagan’s ability. Well before I started writing, I made a list of the top ten most overpowered abilities I could think of that weren’t literal omnipotence. One of those powers I gave to Zagan. He has the ability to invert states. It works on a conceptual level as well as a physical. In short, so long as he phrases what he wants to have happen properly, he can do near anything imaginable. And even plenty unimaginable.

Which has led to a bit of dysphoria for poor old Zagan. When you can do literally everything, what point is there in doing anything?

So that might give you some insight into some of Zagan’s actions over the series.

As for Juliana, Zagan may not have given her full control over every little aspect of his power. Finding himself erased from existence because of an idle thought on her part might be a novel concept, but then he wouldn’t be in much of position to experience anything from then on. To add to that, she is only a human who has only just come into this power. It might be a while before she fully realizes its potential. In fact, such a thing probably won’t even be in the scope of this series. Zagan has had his power since the dawn of time and even he can occasionally experience new ideas.

Anyway, I hoped you all enjoyed the events. The second didn’t receive nearly as much attention, but Eva wasn’t exactly a part of it. Plus there were other things going on at the time. Something like that has been planned essentially since the start of the series. I didn’t know exactly what the events would entail until I actually wrote them though. I just had a vague concept of some kind of contest.

I think it turned out rather well.

Now you may be like, “Hold on, you’re ending the book now? The tournament isn’t over yet!” I am aware of this. I’ve been writing and honestly, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been floundering a bit. I’m going to try to tighten up the chapters as I reread them before posting, but the fact of the matter was that the third event probably isn’t going to happen in the next ten chapters. So I could either do a giant 50 chapter book (don’t quote me on that number) or end it here. Which here felt like a fairly decent spot.

So anyway, yeah. Still, I hope everyone looks forward to what is to come and I hope everyone will enjoy it as well!


Now for some side notes:

Again, thank you to everyone who has donated through either Patreon or PayPal.

I’d like again to point out that a good amount of referrals to this story come from Top Web Fiction. As such, I would appreciate any extra votes in my direction. It is a quick click once a week and helps a lot.

As a reminder, there are a few chapters of a series that might be in the future for me on a second WordPress site. Tower Curator Preview! I don’t think I have actually posted any chapters over the course of this book. Maybe one towards the start. I would have made a note of it in the chapter though.

That’s not because I haven’t been writing anything on the side. It’s mostly that I’m not sure exactly what I want to do going forwards. As I said in the last Author’s Notes, I’m still considering seeking publishing. I’m also considering posting another web serial, albeit at a slower rate. Two years ago, I was in a very different place. I had a great deal more spare time. The time I into Void Domain has decreased. I’ve grown more efficient at writing and better at scheduling my time. But it hasn’t decreased enough. It’s basically a full time job.

However, I do enjoy writing. I just have to figure out exactly what I’m going to do.

AND, speaking of all this. Happy two year anniversary, Void Domain! The timing is once again off—I rarely pay attention to dates and such—but it’s close enough.

For those of you who are reading my fanfictions over on SpaceBattles (Ziz and O Give Me A Clone), I have bad news. Ziz might be going on indefinite hiatus soon. Maybe even Clone as well, not sure. Ziz, I never really expected it to do much. I’ve barely thought about it (as I’m sure has come across in some chapters) and usually just write whatever comes to mind. But as with all series, as they grow more complex, they grow harder to write and thus consume more time. I’ve recently made a few changes to how often I’m posting, but even still, the time expenditure is rapidly heading towards the ‘not worth it’ end of the spectrum. I didn’t have a plan for the series and honestly have no idea what should happen beyond a few chapters from now.

But that might be a few weeks off. Don’t know. There will be a chapter tomorrow (today? My sleeping schedule is screwed up at the moment) as usual.

As for Clone? Don’t know either. The chapters are taking longer, but that is probably because I switched from 1k chapters to ~3k chapters. We’ll see in the future.

On to the trivia section!

  • The quetzalcoatl from the first event had a set of very distinct eyes. However, those eyes are not original. They’re a reference! Did anyone spot where to?
  • Similarly, a few of the less important demons were named in this book. As someone pointed out in the comments, Nougami Neuro is currently attending Brakket along with Sebastian.

Reading recommendation:

The Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffery. There are a lot of books in this series. I haven’t even read them all. But the original trilogy (Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and The White Dragon), Dragonsdawn (a prequel to the above and chronologically the first in the series), and Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern are probably the top ones. Unfortunately, I don’t know that there are any web versions to browse for free. I own physical copies of all of the above so you’ll probably have to find a way to read them yourselves.

Book Nine Stats:
Chapters: 23
Wordcount: 91693 (according to WordPress’ built in word counter)
POV counts (max of one count per chapter):

Eva: 20
Zoe: 9
Juliana: 6
Irene: 3
Catherine: 2
Riley Cole: 1
Nel: 1

That’s all, thanks for reading book nine. I hope you enjoy book ten.

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9 responses to “Author’s Note 009

  • Kotawa

    Thanks for the book.

    As for the topwebfiction thingy, could you put a link to the voting page at the end of monday’s chapters, maybe?

    I vote every other week since it tends to slip my mind. A reminder or just a link at the end of the chapter (or in the comment section) would help.

    • TowerCurator

      That sounds doable. I did that for a while, but stopped because it feels awkward. Like a youtuber asking for likes and subscriptions at the end (or start) of a video. Though I guess they do it because it works, huh?

      • Sven

        It feeling awkward is pretty understandable, I’ve always gotten a similar feeling from job applications and such. As someone who is on the consumer end of these things, I don’t think of it badly if it is innocuous. I always forget to ‘like’ youtube videos, for example. It just slips my mind, and there’s a certain level of apathy involved. After all, I’m here because I don’t want to work. The hardest part is keeping it in mind.

  • x

    Looks like the stats section at the end was left unfilled? Says “Book Eight” too.

  • Dragrath

    Thanks for the effort this certainly has been enjoyable as you have touched on a lot of interesting ideas as you developed this. I look forward to seeing how it turns out just feel free to take all the time you need to sort any issues out.

    As for the other mentioned series I didn’t even know they existed that site hasn’t really been on my radar probably as I’m more interested in originals and I typically hear of that with respect to fan fics.

    Well keep up the good work!

  • Random Internet User (tm)

    Catch the reference? *lies* No, never. Her eyes were nothing at all like Lucoa’s from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. ;>

    Signed, one happy patron.

  • Author Unknown

    If Talkina demons only send through their puppets when they are summoned, wouldn’t that make them immune to damage on the material plane?

    And a question for Juli, “What is the opposite of books containing knowledge about Talkina demons?”

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