Author’s Note 007

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Hello, thanks for reading.

Book eight will continue as scheduled. No intermissions or interludes. Tune in next time for 008.001.

As with last time, I’d just like to say thanks before anything else. So thanks to all my supporters on Patreon and PayPal. I really do appreciate your support. And thanks to everybody else for reading my story!

There are a couple things about this book—and the series in general—to talk about this time around.

First and foremost, villains. Way way back in Book 001 when I first started writing, I decided that I really liked Sawyer. The name, personality, and other things. He was supposed to have died instead of the other necromancer, but he managed to squeeze through.

Unfortunately, while an unrepentant monster, he wasn’t a very good villain to Eva. He didn’t really care about Eva specifically. His goals and plans were entirely background thoughts in my mind that never made it to the text. The ones that did weren’t even about Eva.

In one of his first appearances, he specifically stated that his goal was to get his hands on Nel (or any other augur) and only came into conflict with Eva tangentially.

Then Eva was mostly dead all day during Nel’s rescue.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

They just had no chemistry together.

So for now, word of the author is that he is dead. If I ever decide to make a sequel to Void Domain, maybe he and Des can come back as primary antagonists now that Eva had really ticked them off.

Which leads me into another topic. A few chapters ago, I responded to a comment asking how many books were left in the series with the answer of two more books.

That’s probably going to be true. Not set in stone or anything. Each book takes somewhere around three to four months to write. It doesn’t feel that long, but it is a huge amount of time. Time enough for things to change.

But I think we’re coming up on the ending I initially had planned. Not quite how I planned to get there, but the end all the same.

While I probably could continue writing forever, delaying the ending indefinitely with all manner of events beforehand, I don’t think I’d want to. There are other things I want to try, other worlds to explore, things I’ve done wrong in Void Domain and can’t easily fix, things I’ve done right that I want to use and improve upon.

Don’t know what the reaction to that will be, but as I said, its still a long way off from now.

Now for some side notes:

Again, thank you to everyone who has donated through either Patreon or PayPal.

As a reminder, I’ve posted a few chapters of a series that might be in the future for me on Patreon. While I do supremely appreciate the monetary support, I will probably be moving those over to a WordPress site available to all as soon as I finish the next chapter. First because it didn’t seem to act as a very big incentive to donate, given that it was only one chapter a month. And second because I would like some more varied feedback well in advance of any commencement on such a project.

So look for links in the comments on one of the upcoming chapters. Or maybe I’ll just make a mini author’s note on the chapter itself.

I’d like again to point out that a good amount of referrals to this story come from Top Web Fiction. As such, I would appreciate any extra votes in my direction. It is a quick click once a week and helps a lot.

On to the trivia section!

  • Eva, during her treatment this book, somewhat lost control of her hands. They squeezed down and would have crushed her knees had her knees not been Arachne brand prosthetic.
    • In case you don’t know how spiders work, they don’t have muscles like you or… you. Human muscles push and pull. A spider only has the pulling muscles. Their heart pumps blood out to their legs, pushing them out in the same way hydraulic machinery works. Which is why spider legs curl into a little ball when a spider dies. Eva suffered a similar issue during that scene.
      • Note: The above is completely simplified. However, this trivia entry is long enough without going and copy-pasting wikipedia articles.
  • In the chapter where Eva approached her to join her treatment, Catherine was playing Overwatch. She plays pistol only devil skin Mercy. Seeing Genjis die in front of her while spamming “I need healing” gives her a sick sort of pleasure.
    • Sometimes she switches to Mei.

Reading recommendation:

Again, different from normal. However, this reading recommendation is not quite as depressing as the previous one.

Early December, I came across a web comic. I found it thanks to a certain female monster themed subreddit and have fallen absolutely in love with it.

Kill Six Billion Demons

I really shouldn’t have to say anything more. No synopsis or anything. If you’re reading Void Domain all the way to book eight, you’ll probably enjoy it.

But I guess I will anyway.

Allison gets a key shoved into her forehead that lets her travel through the multiverse. There she meets stone angels, mask wearing demons, and gods. Adventures ensue.

(I am the best at summaries)

I’ll be perfectly honest. The art style actually turned me way off when I first started. But it grew on me. There is so much detail thrown in to every page. So many little things to look at. I have no idea how much time goes into each page, but its a lot.

The first few chapters are fairly world-buildy and info-dumpy. I doubt I remember half of what was said. However, it seems like the kind of thing where I’ll reread it in five years and be like “ooohhhh, that’s what that meant.”

When I first found it early in December, I thought that it updated maybe once a month. However, it updated the very next day. Then the next week. And the week after. Aside from Christmas week, it has updated every Friday. I don’t know if this is a special time of year or if I was sorely mistaken on its update schedule, but I do hope people find it interesting.


Since that was kind of a weird recommendation, I’ll recommend something else as well.

Another web comic!

Crawling City

A story about a young girl named Aria and her friend/pet Gug. It is more slice of lifey than KSBD, featuring them going about their everyday life.

But if you aren’t hooked from the first page, I’ve no words. The art style alone should grab you. It updates every Monday.

Book Seven Stats:
Chapters: 29
Wordcount: 115,309 (according to WordPress’ built in word counter)
POV counts (max of one count per chapter):
Eva: 25
Clement: 6
Juliana: 3
Catherine: 2
Martina: 2
Irene: 1
Nel: 1
Arachne: 1

That’s all, thanks for reading book seven. I hope you enjoy book eight.

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6 responses to “Author’s Note 007

  • TreeFrogSoup

    Honestly if you want to get rid of sawyer you should at least give him a books ends death. Eva’s first deal with Ylva was killing a Lich, why not end the story with killing one?

  • Kotawa

    >”Sometimes she switches to Mei.”

  • Letouriste

    Sawyer end was not enough finite for me:/ why not just a chapter with his return only for Eva to find him and trash him easily just after his resurrection?(near the end of the novel)
    He could come back at a key point just when people don’t expect him…

  • sunkenfleet

    I’ve been bombing through this whole series the last week or so, just now catching up to this point, it’s a lot of fun to read – enthralling really. Thanks for writing it!

    Glad Sawyer finally died off, honestly it amazes me he survived his first encounter with Eva (letting the torture guy get away, really Eva?) and he never seemed to take her seriously after that up to the very end so dying off unceremoniously seems just right for his character arc.

    I really don’t get why Eva and co. just let the demon hunters go at the end of this book. Is she contractually obligated to let her enemies escape the first time she meets them or something? Eva is like half-demon, she has tons of demons she considers friends (which is a whole other headache…) a significant percentage of the people she interacts with are demons or have demons or know demons but she decides NOT to kill the demon hunters? buh? It wasn’t even like she was taking the moral high ground she just didn’t feel like it or something…

    At any rate wanted to say how much I love this story, looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

  • glassgirlceci

    Oh…so Sawyer really did die. That is…exceedingly disappointing. I mean, I don’t wish for him to /live/, but his death was so anticlimactic and unsatisfying that I was convinced he was alive. He died as he lived, I suppose, making Eva’s life miserable and being a general pain in the ass. She deserved some satisfaction from his death!

    Well. Anyway. I’m definitely still enjoying this, and I’m glad we got to see Arachne and Eva reunited. They’re just so adorable together, that scene in the epilogue was too cute :3

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