Vacant Throne Update 2!

Hello everyone!

I have a new serial ongoing. Vacant Throne! I mentioned it in the previous update here which you may or may not have read. But I thought you all would like to know that it is going to continue as a full serial. There are currently fourteenish chapters up and more being released on the same schedule that Void Domain was being released at, every Monday and Thursday. You can read it at

Vacant Throne is a fantasy work centered around a woman named Alyssa Meadows of modern day Earth. After coming home from work and a trip to the gym, she winds up in a home burglary gone wrong. If that wasn’t bad enough, an angel appears before her and whisks her off to a strange world filled with magic and monsters.

The fourteen chapters up should give you a nice chunk to sink your teeth into and hopefully get you looking forward to more. I hope you all enjoy!

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One response to “Vacant Throne Update 2!

  • Kas (@kodixus)

    Thanks for the heads up, wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t posted, and I’m quite interested. Doing this when you have 14 chapters out already is a good choice, too 🙂

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