Dead Language Update

Hi everybody! It’s been a while. This is just a quick note for if you haven’t subscribed to my non Void Domain preview and update site: I am releasing seven chapters (a complete story arc) of a work titled Dead Language. There will be one chapter released a week on Thursday for seven weeks. If you’re a Patreon, there is both an epub and a pdf of the entire seven chapters up right now.

Will there be more after those seven chapters? Don’t know yet. We’ll see how it goes.

Dead Language is a “””realistic””” military fiction set in the (mostly) real world. It deals with a mercenary group traveling around, doing jobs and maybe getting into some wider intrigue and/or conspiracies. I will make a note that this is somewhat stylized, hence the quotation marks around ‘realistic’. People in the story might be better at their jobs or more eccentric than anyone in real life has any right to be.

Anyway, do give it a shot. And I post updates every month over on my other site on other projects I’m currently working on, so if you’re interested, there should be RSS buttons or updates via Twitter or what have you.

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